At the heart of every meal is nutrition.

Each meal is design with pride to ensure it works well in your diet.


With clear labels on each meal, learn more about what goes in your meal, including useful information detailing sodium and fiber counts. 



From Training to Recovery and Weight Loss,
meals are categorized for easy planning and selection.


✓   Pre-Workout Meals
✓   Post-Workout Meals
✓   Low-Carb Meals
✓   Keto-Friendly Meals


Low carb diets are typically eaten for weight loss and portion control. We offer that plus more. Our key focus is to ensure no compromise in satiety, taste and your holistic health when cutting calories. Enjoy large servings of protein and fibre, and a huge range of flavours that sustains energy levels while keeping you both satisfied, and cravings to a minimum. For those who are active, the high protein content helps in muscle building and recovery. One bonus; a healthy gut from the high fibre, and a wide range of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals very nutritious diet from vegetables.

Key Features

  • • 35-45g protein
  • • 20-45g carb
  • • 400-550kcal
  • • >7g fibre
  • • <750mg sodium

Great For

  • ✔ Weight loss with an active lifestyle
  • ✔ Diet and portion control
  • ✔ Cutting phases

Ever felt like you’re just wolfing down food for the calories? Our high carb meals are everything but that. Meals are designed with a strong focus first on quality ingredients, while packing on the calories and macros you need. Simply because increasing your calorie intake should be an enjoyable experience, so that it can be sustainable. Pick from our range of pre-and post-workout meals offering different, interesting carbohydrate and protein sources for optimal muscle building and recovery. Not just that, high carb meals get a portion of fibre for gut health for a balanced diet.

Key Features

  • • 35-45g protein
  • • 40-60g carb
  • • 450-550kcal

Great For

  • ✔ Maximising muscle building
  • ✔ Keeping you energised during workout
  • ✔ Improving workout performance
  • ✔ Quicker recovery after a workout

In this meal design, the ratio of net carb, fat and protein is carefully managed to get you to ketosis. Given that keto-friendly meals require avoiding several food groups (which we love), recipes are pushed beyond limits to provide interesting and diverse experiences. You’ll find ingredients like tofu “noodles”, konjac “rice” as staple carb alternatives. We also recognize that having a variety of good quality fat sources is equally important. That’s why all meals come with different animal, plant and dairy-based fat sources and are only prepared using healthy cooking oils, like olive oil, with no trans fats or other nasty things. At the end of the day, you’ve got yourself a meal offering meats with a good balance of muscle-building proteins, unique carb alternatives and satisfying fats.

Key Features

  • • 5 - 10% nett carbs
  • • Variety of fat sources
  • • High Protein

Great For

  • ✔ Calorie and portion-controlled weight management
  • ✔ Keeping you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day
  • ✔ Supporting your diet with quality proteins and fats