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How is it possible that something frozen can taste good and is "fresher"? 
We take a lot of pride in only incorporating actual, real ingredients, as well as responsible cooking methods in order to be able to pioneer a higher standard of food quality.
One of such methods is that each recipe undergoes a flash freezing process.
Why? Because bacteria that cause food to go bad multiply over time really quickly at warm, room temperatures.
It's why when you leave food out overnight, they go bad. 

By flash freezing, within minutes an ingredient goes from piping hot to a negative temperature,
locking in its original textures, tastes and nutrition while naturally preserving it against bacteria over a long periods of time.
It tastes just as good, yet fresher than what you'd typically buy that has been sitting at room temperature. 

What's the difference between Fresher and the rest of the on-demand food delivery services like Grabfood and the like?
A huge difference. You're used to spending an hour deciding on something from the usual restaurants near you, paying the price of what you'd pay when you dine in there plus extra for delivery,
then waiting for another hour for your 1 x not-so-hot lunch delivery to arrive, only to go through the cycle of this every other day. 

Now imagine a whole perspective change, one where you set priorities for yourself and determine goals.
Next week, I'm eating clean. Tomorrow, I'm having more dinners at home with my wife. From today on, I'm choosing to spend more time with family and less time worrying.
You log on to Fresher, explore your
favourite meals before purchasing a bundle, time your delivery schedule, and countdown to the days. 

It's almost like a community of people from all walks of lives who now have the freedom to engage in different lifestyles and always have a nutritious, reliable, fresher meal whenever. 
How do I go about consuming Fresher meals? Am I supposed to eat it religiously everyday or once a week? 
There isn't a regularity enforced. Take Fresher as a new dining experience you can enjoy in your own personal space.
We have customers enjoying it as easy, daily dinners after a workout, or have it for lunch at work because they just don't have the time or patience to jostle with the rest of the lunch crowd. We also have families who heat meals for weekly family dinners because they don't cook.
The fact that Fresher meals can keep in your fridge, ready to go anytime, means you get the control of eating your food whenever you need to. 

Is there a health or fitness benefit to eating Fresher? Can I lose weight, or gain muscle mass? 
Yes, there are health and fitness benefits simply because our menu is designed to offer ample protein portions, and are balanced, clean and all-natural. 
As for achieving your health or fitness goals, it really depends. You can easily choose options that are low in carbohydrates if you are attempting to cut, or high in carbohydrates if you're training for a marathon.
We like to think that you can trust our portions and quality, so you can spend more time on other factors that help meet your health goals. 
Is Fresher Halal certified?
Fresher is not halal-certified. However, we do not use any pork, lard or alcohol in our meals and our chicken and fish are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. 
Do you cater for those allergies or diet-sensitive requests? 
You can find a list of food allergens in the "nutrition" tab of each dish. However, please note that we prepare all of our food in the same kitchen facility, and even though a meal may be gluten-free, it has been prepared in the same facility that handles gluten. 
How do I keep the meals?
All Fresher recipes are specifically curated for a shelf-life of 1 month in the freezer (below 0 degree celsius) and 4 days in the chiller (0 to 4 degree celsius).
Store them in your freezer if you plan on keeping them for long, or in your chiller if you plan on consuming them over the next couple of days. 
How do I heat the food? Any special kitchen equipment?
Just like how you'd prepare any other frozen food, as long as you have a steamer or a microwave or oven, you're good. 

First, safely defrost your food in the chiller
overnight (12 hours is a good time). You can also leave it to defrost at room temperature for a few hours if you forget to do so overnight. 
Then, when the contents have fully defrosted, use the microwave or steamer to heat your meals straight from our food grade packaging 
Alternatively, if you prefer the oven, transfer your contents to an oven proof tray before heating it up. 

Actual timings and temperatures vary, please see the respective labels on the packaging for exact instructions.

Where can I find the nutrition information for each meal? 
The full nutrition facts and ingredients list can be found in the meal description. 
Just click on the dish and scroll. 
I don't visit the gym often, I just go for the occasional run around my block. What should I eat? 
It sounds like you're just looking for a regular lunch or dinner, and don't have a specific diet.
That's awesome, all recipes are great for you, and we recommend having more low-carb options as light dinners.
Toggle the filter to see which meals are classified as low-carb. 
I'm looking to gain muscle mass yet stay lean. What should I eat? 
All of our meals are high in protein, some extra high, making it all suitable for your diet.
Toggle the filter to see meals are low-carb and high-carb to know which are great for eating pre and post workout. 
Of course, we recommend all of the chicken breast dishes as they contain the cleanest and some of the highest protein counts. 
I have very specific nutrition requirements. Can you customize portion sizes or swap ingredients? 
Our meals are designed and prepared in batches to meet as many nutritional preferences, 
As such, we're unable to swap out or add ingredients in a few meals in your online order that is scheduled for a delivery. 

While we offer side products that can help increase your intake, we do welcome requests for customization with
a minimum purchase order of at least 30 meals of 1 recipe so we can prepare a batch specifically for you.
Don't worry, you can have it delivered in varying dates.
Please reach out to us at with your required macros or dietary needs. 
I have a bunch of questions on nutrition and am unsure of where to start. Is there a resource page? 
We are always happy to exchange content and views with our community.
Chat with us personally via the live chat or give us a call anytime at +65 91370180. 
Is there a minimum for delivery and is there a charge?
The minimum to checkout is $30, with a flat rate delivery charge of $15 island-wide and all timeslots. 
Free delivery if you checkout with $130 and above. 

How do I select my delivery service choice? 
Between the three delivery options: dropoff, personal delivery and self pickup, you can choose either at the checkout page. 
Any discounts should be automatically applied at your cart at checkout

I selected the drop off option, but I live in a landed property. What happens when it rains?
Our drivers will attempt to look for a dry place to place the insulated box or they will attempt to reach out to you for a personal delivery to you. 
Do you deliver islandwide?
Yes. Fresher delivers island-wide in Singapore, except for restricted areas / zones. 
Why are your delivery days only on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays? 
We wanted to tap on the culture of planning ahead. This means having everything you need for the coming week and the next. 
By receiving your deliveries before the week starts, you can schedule appointments and mealtimes better.  

However, if you find yourself in need of meals in the middle of the week,  feel free to drop by and do a self-pickup. 
You may toggle your choices in the checkout page. 
Day Dropoff at Doorstep Personal Delivery to Hand Self-Collection
Mon 6pm - 10.30pm
For best quality,
retrieve your box by 11.30pm

7pm - 11pm 11am - 6.30pm
Tues - - 11am - 6.30pm
Wed 6pm - 10.30pm
For best quality,
retrieve your box by 11.30pm

- 11am - 6.30pm
Thurs - - 11am - 6.30pm
Fri - - 11am - 6.30pm
Sat 8am - 11am
For best quality,
retrieve your box by 1pm

7am - 11am 10am - 2pm
Sun 8am - 11am
For best quality,
retrieve your box by 1pm

7am - 11am
Is there a way to track my order?
You will receive an SMS after your order has been dropped off at your doorstep.
UGH. I just found out I'm travelling and can't receive my delivery on that date. Help! 
Dang it! Don't worry, changes happen and we totally understand.
Please inform us at least
48 hours before your delivery date via email at or drop us a call at +65 91370180 and we'll reschedule your delivery no problem. Relevant charges apply. 
DOUBLE UGH. I've got to attend to an emergency, and my delivery is happening right now in a few hours. Help!
If you have a last minute change, it is most likely your meals haven been dispatched and are in transit already.
In order to reschedule your dispatched delivery, there will be an additional $40 charge. 
The reason for this is because our drivers must make an immediate return trip to our facility in order to store your meals safely back at our cold storage, and then schedule a 2nd delivery to your location again.
How do I self-pickup my order?
If you placed an order for self-collection, you can drop by our kitchen at 5 Mandai Link, Mandai Foodlink #07-07 Singapore 728654 on weekdays (except public holidays) between 11am and 6.30pm. Kindly drop us a message prior to coming via the Live Chat icon, or a whatsapp message to Claire at 91370180 so we can ensure your order is packed before your arrival. 

I realised I entered in the wrong delivery address, how do I edit it?
While you can't edit orders that have been placed, you may inform us at least 48 hours before delivery via email at or call us at +65 91370180. Do remember to  edit your address in your "account" page so it's accurate for your next order. 

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