The below delivery dates and self-collection
time slots are available for
Fresher Meats and Festive Sets only.

Please note that every Made-To-Order Fresher Meats
& Festive Sets require at least 5 days advanced order.

We strongly recommend you to place your order now,
for parties happening in December.

Handling your Fresher Meats
& Festive Sets

Each order comes delivered well prepped, seasoned and cooked already.
At the kitchen, we blast chill the food immediately upon cooking
to retain the freshness and quality in an airtight, sous-vide food-grade vacuum bag.

Upon receiving your box at delivery or collection, you'll find that the items are chilled. 


At this temperature, you can keep in your fridge for up to 4 days prior to serving.
We find that having your food prepped in advance,
especially for an event, helps you to save time on D-Day
so you don't have to rush around collecting your food. 


Simply place the items into the oven for a
few short minutes to warm it up.
With every box comes an instruction sheet that
details step-by-step warming up instructions.
We recommend keeping in the oven as your guests arrive
so that it stays nice and toasty during the party.
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