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#9 Small Batch of Paprika Chicken on Trial

We’re currently experimenting with cutting the chicken breast differently. Same part of the chicken breast, except it is sliced parallel to the table in one swift zig-zag motion from right to left.  They’re almost like butterflies when opened! We found this results in better overall texture when chewing, and allows for the salt-paprika marinade to […]
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#8 Olive Oil Yogurt Curry, with More Yogurt

The yogurt curry chicken breast has been a consistently well received item, and we don’t want to make too huge a change to it. However after testing a few batches of sauces we did just for fun, we find that a thicker coating of sauce helps bring out the taste of the chicken, and is […]
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#7 Creamed Spinach Improves

We’ve heard that the Creamed Spinach (found in the legendary Duck Confit dish), can be a little watery at times, when not defrosted fully prior to heating. The preparation process has been adjusted to steaming, instead of blanching the spinach. The creamed sauce has also been refreshed with more garlic and subjected to a longer […]
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#6 New Keto Bun Recipe!

While our keto-friendly, carb free burgers seem to be going great, we always felt more could be done to the bun. The new recipe allows for a much softer, fluffier bun texture that resembles the familiar regular flour+yeast bun. Try it, let us know what you think!
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#5 Salmon & Celeriac Cakes Tweaks

#5: The Salmon & Celeriac Cakes have undergone a major recipe tweaks on the balance of citrus and salt. Previous batch contained a fairly generous amount of citrus, which required more input from the salty, savoury side. We’ve since isolated the salt only when poaching the salmon belly, and used lemons when adding the dill […]
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#4 On the Paprika Chicken Breast Cook

#4: We’ve changed the Paprika Chicken Breast recipe to include a longer process of cooking via a lower temperature. All chicken breast at Fresher is now first cooked via the sous vide method of using a temperature maintained water bath. The Paprika Chicken Breast is then seared on high heat for a few seconds to […]
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#3 Tomato Basil Chicken Changes

#3: Currently re-looking at the ingredients in the Tomato Basil Chicken dish. Am thinking of substituting the Rosemary Foccacia with a pasta-type base, then tweak the macros to a high carb recipe. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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#2 Caulliflower Mac N Cheese Tweaks

#2: Made some tweaks to the Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese, we changed the balanced of Monterey Jack to Cheddar, and weighed equal parts for the top and bottom layer to perfectly “sandwich” the flounder fish and spinach, for a tighter slab. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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#1 Kimchi Chicken Undergoes Maintenance

#1: Currently redesigning the Kimchi Chicken Thigh meal to be a meat-free, kimchi & tomato base recipe. Was initially designed to be broth-like, but we’ve gotten feedback on the preference for a drier base. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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