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#3 Tomato Basil Chicken Changes

#3: Currently re-looking at the ingredients in the Tomato Basil Chicken dish. Am thinking of substituting the Rosemary Foccacia with a pasta-type base, then tweak the macros to a high carb recipe. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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#2 Caulliflower Mac N Cheese Tweaks

#2: Made some tweaks to the Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese, we changed the balanced of Monterey Jack to Cheddar, and weighed equal parts for the top and bottom layer to perfectly “sandwich” the flounder fish and spinach, for a tighter slab. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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#1 Kimchi Chicken Undergoes Maintenance

#1: Currently redesigning the Kimchi Chicken Thigh meal to be a meat-free, kimchi & tomato base recipe. Was initially designed to be broth-like, but we’ve gotten feedback on the preference for a drier base. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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