Everyone deserves to come home to a hot meal.

We work tirelessly all day, attending to meetings, rushing through deadlines,
solve issues, take care of our kids, our parents, call our loved ones.
And all of a sudden, in the busyness of it all, there's a pause in the day's rush hour.
You struggle to take an unfamiliar breather. A deep one.

It is your me-time now.
Your free and easy gym time. Your meditation time.
Your really-late-almost-dinnertime lunch. 

And then, almost as if everything was in slow motion just mere minutes ago,
it's back to a blurry quickstep of a laundry list to complete before the day ends.  

But that's the exhilaration of city life, isn't it? It's a long way up. 

It may appear like we started Fresher to be something for those
hurried mealtimes when you had to zip in and out.
But truly, it's for the times when we're back at home,
reflecting on the day in solitude, where you can finally enjoy a delicious,
proper dinner in the comfort of your own space that's nutritious
and very much well deserved.

We believe this paves a way for a new standard of personal dining.
It's not about the fastest delivery, or the most convenient food.
No, it's about our lifestyle choices and what else we can do or
change to make ourselves better everyday. 

We are extremely passionate about the Fresher movement, and hope that
having a Fresher meal will remind you of why you chose to do what you do,
and by saving a few minutes off food-prep time and eating real food,
we can be of humble help to propel your dreams to greater heights.

There are many more plans in store for Fresher.
Having healthier food be made more accessible and providing an inclusive diet to the community, among others.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve, and we welcome you on this journey of discovery. 

To better choices,
C and J, Co-Founders
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