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$15 OFF – Stay Home Bundle, Best Of Fresher (Extended)


10 Meals (5 recipes for 2)
1 Sugar-Free Japanese Cheesecake (8 servings)
16 pcs Housemade Swedish Beefballs to share

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*Promotion extended*

Before releasing this, we thought about how we can help serve the people during a time like this.

It seemed like everytime we decided on an idea, new rules and changes kept occuring which meant back to the drawing board.

It wasn’t until we started receiving personal messages from you guys expressing how helpful the meals were in ensuring minimal contact within the kitchen, minimal prep work so you can attempt to juggle between taking care of the kids on one hand and conference call on the other. We even had meals with beautiful messages sent on behalf of you guys to your loved ones serving quarantined and stay-home notices.

And so being very much aware of this, we want to help by offering $15 off, alongside a happy feel-good bundle that includes a guilt-free cake too.
Trust us, it’s pretty dang tasty and wholly home-baked.

We hope you enjoy this bundle as much as we did putting it together.


Inside this bundle of 10 meals*: 

Lower in Carbs

2x One-Pan Herb Blackened Tilapia

2x Thai Basil Chicken with Pearl Barley Rice

2x Everyone’s Favorite Swedish Beefballs

Higher in Carbs

2x Clean Chicken Breast in Green Nut Butter

2x Pulled Shawarma Chicken Breast

Just Proteins

1x Grassfed Sirloin Steak, basted in Rosemary Olive Oil (35g Protein)

1x Chipotle Pulled Chicken Breast with Cranberries (35g Protein)

Sugar-Free Dessert

1x  Fresher’s Rich & Incredible Sugar-Free Japanese Cheesecake (6 inch, serves 8)


*Items may be swapped out in the selection to a similar value recipe

*If you have any dietary preferences or wish to swap to only keto-friendly dishes, please state in the remarks and/or drop us an email / live chat with your order number.

*Cake is fully baked in-house, and not from any 3rd party or external bakers.


Once you have received your meals, please store in refrigerator accordingly –

For immediate consumption:
Store your meals in the chiller.
Meals kept at chilled temperatures of 0 – 5 degree celsius can be kept for up to 4 days from the day you receive them.

For long term consumption:
Store your meals in the freezer.
Meals kept at below 0 degree celsius can be kept for up to 1 month.


Before enjoying, we highly recommend you to safely defrost your meals in the chiller overnight (for 12 hours).
Alternatively, you can leave it at room temperature (for 4-5 hours) for minimum food dehydration.

You can opt to use your own kitchenware or just place our black trays in the steamer directly.
If you use our trays, peel open the seal slightly from a corner. Place the tray in the steamer for 10 -15 minutes.
As all steamers function differently (you may have electric ones, vs metal plates over boiling water), we advise you to check on your food and give it a good stir.

Microwave: (Recommended)
Open the seal slightly from a corner of your meal.
Place the tray in the microwave for 2.5 to 3 minutes on Medium setting.
As the microwave timing varies from meal to meal, please refer to the corresponding labels on the meal.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Transfer contents to oven-proof tray, our plastic trays are not oven proof.
Place contents in the oven for 7-10 minutes.


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