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Forbidden Charred Miso Haddock


w Ginger Purple Wild Rice

550kcal | P: 52g | C: 51g | F: 15g

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We came up with a dish that comprises flavours popular in Asian culture – something highly requested from you, the customers!

The base of this is the Emperor’s Purple Wild Rice that, because of the high antioxidants present and multitude of nutrition (fibre, iron, protein, vitamins), was only  reserved for the Emperor. It stayed as a food source for royalty till the Sung Dynasty, before spreading slowly to the rest of the population.

Also, fun fact – the antioxidants present is almost comparable to fresh blueberries, and because of the outer bran layer, purple rice is slightly chewy and nutty.


This made-for-royalty dish is topped with glazed, oven browned silky tofu for a final, melty finish.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients


Seabass, soy sauce. sesame oil, Miso, vinegar, garlic, ginger, spring onions, wild rice, pressed tofu, maple syrup, edamame, olive oil, salt and other seasoning









Dietary Fibre






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Miso Haddock
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