4 Curated Bundles put
together by the Fresher Team.

Each original recipe is well seasoned
and cooked in small batches,
ensuring utmost quality and care while preparing.

Simply warm it up and you've got yourself a
satisfying, healthy, delicious table of food
everyone can enjoy, whether it's breakfast or supper.

From now till the end of the month,
we're offering these bundles at exclusive promotions.
Bon Appetit!

Includes new, exclusive additions from the Fresher Kitchen!
$15 OFF

All rise for tasty mornings!

Here's a bundle that blends
quality with efficiency
for the entire family.

NOW $100.75
U.P. $115.75 + Free Delivery
Inside this bundle, you'll find
It's the Brisket and Beefballs everyone's raving about!
$12 OFF

Set the table with
delicious centrepieces.

Sourced from award-winning
farms, prepped by hand,
and heats up tender, juicy,
amazingly good in just minutes.

NOW $120.20U.P. $132.20 + Free Delivery
Exquisite Fresher Meats
Inside this bundle, you'll find
$12 OFF

There's no better time
than now.

This 7-Day Low-Carb Meal
+ Workout bundle is all the tools
you need to keep fit indoors. 

NOW $138.25
U.P. $150.25 
+ Free Delivery
Inside this bundle, you'll find
$15 OFF

Top picks from the team and
customers. Great for two, or more.

6 recipes, 2 each.
Plus a sugar-free Japanese
cheesecake (baked with care
and set for 8 hours)
you just cannot miss!

NOW $171.00
U.P. $186.00 + Free Delivery

Inside this bundle, you'll find
Gift the Joy of Fresher
Add on a little extra something with any purchase at Fresher.
From as low as $10, we'll throw in seasonal fruits
and a handwritten note, and package it to your special someone. 

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As food service providers that work closely with our supply chain and delivery drivers,
the Fresher team takes extra care in the kitchen and out.
Some of our mindful measures include having your returnable thermoboxes
wiped down, sanitized and disinfected upon return, as well as wearing
masks and gloves both in the kitchen and during delivery rounds. 

While we still welcome self-collection, kindly drop us a call / email /
live chat in advance so we can prepare your box upon arrival. 

Meal Trays
Your food is prepped in brand new, dishwasher safe microwavable
hard food containers. Handled with care during portioning,
they are safe to be reused in your household. 

If you have any additional queries,
feel free to email us at eatbetter@fresher.com.sg