Using the Twelve Essentials Bundle to Maximize Results

Meal prep isn’t complete if you don’t always have a reliable stock of meals in your fridge ready to go. Fresher’s Twelve Essentials Bundle is designed to offer a sustainable, long-term approach to meal prep with select meals bundled together at a value price. 


This bundle contains twelve dietitian and chef-designed High Protein, Lower in Carb meals intended to support your health and nutrition goals, whether it’s fat loss, weight maintenance, or overall health improvement.

It’s the perfect bundle for you if you’re looking to lower your overall calorie and carbohydrate intake for fat loss. 

With a ready supply of meals in your freezer, there’ll always be a quick and easy meal ready for you at all times for a stress-free meal prep solution.

What’s more, this bundle includes a complementary custom Fresher reusable insulated bag (worth $9.90) to carry your meals.

When dining out, it’s always a challenge to figure out the right portion size for you. Our carefully-portioned meals take the guesswork out of ensuring that you do not undereat or overeat. 

Each meal is calorie-controlled between 400 to 550kcal, perfect as a main meal if you have a specific calorie goal in mind. 

Rich in quality proteins (35 – 45g per meal), our meals will keep you fuller for longer. Each meal contains a third of your daily fibre needs. They’re also lower in sodium for an overall healthy diet.


Depending on the number of meals you have in a day, you can consume one or more meals in your bundle each day.

This bundle is perfect to fit into your weekday meals. For example, a week day’s meals could look like this:

  • Your choice of breakfast 
  • 2x Lower-in-Carb, High Protein meals per day for lunch and dinner
  • Your choice of snacks 

On the weekends, you can dine out with friends and family.

Following this plan, you’ll have consumed 10 meals from Monday to Friday. The extra two meals can be kept in the freezer so that you’ll have healthy meals ready for the times where you need a quick and easy healthy meal. 

Mix and match different proteins for lunch and dinner to provide a better variety of nutrients for the day. For example, if you’re having Sous Vide Oregano Chicken Breast for lunch, you can have Chili con Carne for dinner.

Prefer to cook up your own dinners? You can use this bundle for 2 weeks’ worth of lunches (Monday to Saturday), and then prepare your own dinners.

Living with a partner or family member who wants to get on board? You can most definitely share this bundle with them! Most of the meals in the bundle come in duplicates so that you can enjoy the same meals with your loved one at the same time. 

Don’t have a set meal plan yet? This bundle can also be kept in your chiller to be eaten at any time you desire. Simply store in the freezer and reheat when you need them.

Either way, it’s always a good idea to have a ready supply of healthy meals which are accessible at home. 



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