Weight Loss and Leaning Must-Haves: Dietitian and Chef-Designed Essential Meal Prep in Singapore

This first step of your healthy lifestyle journey to Weight Loss, Leaning, and Healthier eating habits is never easy as there is more than just one factor that could potentially affect your goal to change these habits.

Some examples are:
– Motivation to workout/eat clean
– Cravings for unhealthy Meals
– Busy work schedules

To overcome these potential struggles, start your Weight Loss, Leaning, and Healthy Lifestyle journey with Fresher Performance Meals must-haves,  10 Essential Low Carb Bundle that can be easily stored and accessed to.



In this pre-selected essential bundle meal prep, you’ll be receiving meal preps that are Dietitian and Chef-designed to support your health and nutrition goals.

These High Protein, Low Carb Meals  that are best consumed on your rest days or non-training days.

Every meal prep recipe are precisely portioned to ensure each meal is calorie-controlled (between 400-550kcal) with at least 35-45g of quality protein for muscle recovery and low GI Carbs to keep you fuller for longer to avoid overeating.

What’s the purpose of High Protein, Low Carb meal preps?

High Protein – Protein intake is needed to assist with muscle recovery, and muscle mass preservation, and to also provide you with the strength you need.

Low Carbohydrate – Carbs are still essential for the body as it fuels your body & muscles to provide you with the energy that you need throughout the day.


Pre and Post Workout Meals are best to be consumed on training days for optimal performance during your workout – and to replenish your glycogen levels and muscle repair after your workout. 


Pre-Workout Meals: High Protein, High Carb
Pre-Workout meals are to keep you feeling energized and focused to sustain your workout or to do more reps during your training or workout.

Post-Workout Meals: High Protein, High Carb
Post-Workout meals are consumed after your training or workout, it is known as your recovery meal – to replenish nutrients that have been burnt and muscle fibres that are damaged during the workout.



Here are a few examples of how you can plan out your meals on days when you are physically more active (training days) and on days when you are resting (Non-training days).

Training Days:
– Your choice of Breakfast
– Pre-Workout Meal [High Protein, High Carb]
Just Proteins [Can be consumed as a snack]
– Post-Workout Meal [High Protein, High Carb]

Non-Training Days:
– Your choice of Breakfast
– 2x High Protein, Low Carb Meal for lunch and dinner
– Your choice of snack / Just Proteins

Feel free to mix and match Fresher Performance Meals Preps around throughout your week!



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