Dietitian’s Guide: Staying In Shape While Working From Home

Working from home might potentially affect your lifestyle and eating habits, which could potentially make it harder to stay in shape.


Few behaviors to look out for as they could potentially lead to weight gain over time:

  • Lesser activities such as walking for transport and running errands
  • Spending long hours sitting at your desk or watching TV
  • Easy access to snacks and food, and grazing all-day
  • Less access to gyms and workout options
  • Changes in sleep schedule


Consider Your Nutritional Intake

Start off by considering both internal and external changes in your lifestyle that may have led you to higher consumption of calories and a decrease in calories burnt.

As these internal and external factors such as food consumed, behaviors, and your environment could make a significant difference.

From here, you can then begin making your dietary adjustments accordingly. However, do keep in mind that the key to healthy weight maintenance is to nourish your body with nourishing meals.


What You Can Do?


1. Control your portion size

Start by adjusting the portion sizes of your meal components.

For example, you can have less starchy carbs and more veggies and proteins if you’re burning fewer calories at home.

As for people who are much more physically active it’s best recommended to have Pre-workout and Post-workout meals to achieve a maximised performance during the workout and quick muscle recovery after.

If you are not as physically active, non-training day meals are what’s best recommended, as it is much lower in calories compared to the pre and post-workout meals.


Adjust your meals until you can get back to your usual routine.


2. Plan your meals in advance

At times when you’re hungry, it’s normal to be grabbing food that is the most convenient and quickest.

Planning your meals and eating precisely portioned meals could prevent eating everything mindlessly at sight. Hence, having Fresher Performance Essential Bundles Meals stored at home would not only prevent you from eating mindlessly but also save your cooking and preparation time.



3. Avoid long periods without food to prevent overeating

Having regular meals will help to prevent you from overeating at your next meal.

Fresher recommends going for Protein-rich meals to keep your hunger levels at bay or you can start your day with a Protein-rich breakfast to keep you fuller throughout the day.


4. Choose healthier snack and drink options

It’s perfectly OK to have snacks between meals. Some nutritious snack ideas that you can opt for are fruits, yogurt, milk, soya beancurd, and a handful of nuts.

More a savory snacker? Fresher Performance Meals Turkey Bacon Potato Hash of Russet & Sweet is one of the best options for a savory afternoon snack.


If you find it hard to avoid eating less nutritious snacks in sight, you can opt to stock your fridge up with Fresher’s Essential Bundles Meals.


5. Eat without distractions

Eating your meals without distractions will help you be warier about the amount of food that you are consuming, which would help to ensure that you don’t overeat – which would lead to weight gain.


6. Use healthier cooking methods.

Healthier cooking methods such as steam, poach, stir-fry, and boiling are taken care of for each meal at Fresher.

Heat, eat and enjoy a meal in less than 15mins with Fresher Performance Meals without the hassle of thinking about what to prep and cook while needing to apply a healthier cooking method for each ingredient.


7. Best advice to choose healthier meals

Here are some tips to look out for:

  • If you are physically active and would require a higher level of energy boost for either pre-or post-workout, choose meals with carbs and proteins. You can choose your own Pre and Post-workout meals from Fresher Performance Meals.
  • If you are looking for low-calorie options for weight loss or weight maintenance, pick meals with lean proteins and veggies that are prepped with healthier cooking methods – Such as Fresher’s Protein Bowl: Chicken Breast in Roasted Tomato Garlic Puree.


Also, avoid over restricting yourself to prevent falling into an unhealthy cycle of restriction and binging. Allow yourself to have more decadent foods that you enjoy in moderation. After all, the foods that we eat and love should bring us joy!


Simple daily Lifestyle Changes You Can Make


1. A Lack of sleep can affect your daily life

Having sufficient amount of sleep on a daily basis is crucial as it would affect not only your overall health but also your weight.

It is recommended that you get about  7 to 9 hours of sleep per night on a daily basis as sleep-deprivation will affect and reduce your mood, energy and concentration levels which will affect your performance level at work. In addition, you’re likely to be less motivated to move or exercise which would lead to lesser calories burn – leading to weight gain.

Research have also shown that the lack of sleep would affect your hormonal levels, leading to an increase in your appetite and hunger levels – which increases your craving levels, especially towards food that is high in carbohydrates and fats.



Technical Explanation:
Sleep deprivation will cause changes in the levels of TWO hormones:

1. A decrease in Leptin.

What is Leptin? Leptin is a hormone that promotes fullness and reduces your appetite

2. An increase in Ghrelin levels.

What is Ghrelin? Ghrelin promotes hunger and increases your appetite.


How to improve my sleeping schedule?
8 Ways to Improve your sleep


  1. Have a regular sleep schedule on all days of the week
  2. Avoid eating a heavy meal too close to your bedtime, and avoid having to go to bed hungry
  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol shortly before bedtime
  4. Be active and exercise regularly to improve your sleep
  5. Avoid taking long naps, take short power naps instead
  6. Relax your muscles by stretching
  7. Wind down before bed to relaxing activities, avoiding excessive screen time
  8. Have a comfortable sleep environment – you may need to adjust the lighting, room temperature, mattress, aroma, and minimize loud noises


A combination of good nutrition, regular exercise and 7-9hours of good sleep is key when it comes to weight maintenance. It’s benefits goes beyond health as they often work hand in hand.



2. The health and physical benefits of being physically active

Being physically active helps to not only burn more calories but it also benefits your heart health, improves your mood, helps you seep better and it would increase your energy levels.

Incorporating incidental exercises to break up long periods of sitting or lying down which would help to lessen pressure on your back, improves your posture, stimulate you muscles and improves your blood circulation.


Technical Explanation:

Incidental Exercise means to have little movements or small bursts of activity throughout your day


How do I incorporate exercises if I don’t have the time?


Few simple ways to incorporate small exercises when you’re too busy to hit the gym:

  • Stand up and stretch after a long period of seating.
  • Incorporate some cleaning and household chores
  • Take short walks around while talking or when you’re on lunch-breaks
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Do simple 5 to 10-minute workout

Weight-bearing exercises are just more than weight-lifting, it includes any form of exercises that requires weights on your bones, such as walking, climbing the stairs, jogging and even dancing.

Participating in weight-bearing exercises doesn’t only help you increase your weight mass and improve your balance but it also helps to strengthen your bones – preventing falls and osteoporosis.



Technical Explanation:What is osteoporosis?

It is a disease that weakens the bones, causing it to break easily.




To conclude, starting a healthy lifestyle journey isn’t purely just for weight loss, weight maintenance, or bodybuilding but it also helps to improve your overall health such as maintenance of high blood pressure, regulating blood circulation, bone strengthening, and many more.




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